New cine-books to come out soon (cover)

Hi, dear bookworms.

Curious about what CINE-BOOKS has to offer?

We are going to issue a couple of thrilling new titles this year!  

The first one is...


Dear readers, 

We invite you, your friends, and your loved ones to watch some great stories in our unique format at absolutely no cost!  

As you know, CINE-BOOKS aim is to restore reading to its full glory. That’s why we created our unique format, in the first place. Now it’s time to make it even better with your support!

For now, we are offering you the following 3 cine-books:

  • The Brave Little Tailor by Brothers Grimm (perfect as a family pastime with the kids);
  • Hypnos by H.P. Lovecraft (for those who love horror and fantasy fiction)
  • The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe (a treat for readers of suspense and the macabre)

You can watch any of them or all three!


Hey all!

We’re heading to the Frankfurt Book Fair!

As you probably know, this is the most important international trade fair for content! Each year, the fair is visited by around 300,000 participants from more than 120 countries...

CINE-BOOKS App is now available on Kindle Fire tablets (cover)

Good news everyone! Book reading revolution comes to even more devices. Since today if you have one of the Kindle Fire tablets you can read, listen and even watch books in nextgen format — cine-books.

The Star of Fame is CINE-BOOKS logo and mark of quality (cover)

Cine-books are the perfect combination of both book-reading charm and the entertainment of modern blockbusters. There is no symbol of success today more iconic than the stars that line the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Every cultural figure dreams of getting his own star. The stars on Hollywood Boulevard can be obtained for great achievements in motion pictures, television, audio recording, radio and live performance, but not for literature. Our goal is to bring back the popularity of books with the help of modern technologies. To become a part of CINE-BOOKS Supreme Collection a book must meet the highest standards. Every story is first picked from a list of world’s best known novels to become something even more than a book. The five-pointed star and the book made of marble and brass is a guarantee of an exciting adventure and great entertainment.

CINE-BOOKS — read, listen and even watch books! (cover)

It is believed that the age of books is over. This is partly true. The Internet readily provides almost any information you can imagine. You don’t need a dictionary to translate a single word, and there’s no more need to keep a collection of encyclopedias at home. But imaginative literature still stands apart. Entertaining websites, social networks, TV and cinema gave a good thrashing to literature, but the fight is not over yet. Premium book editions with coated paper, beautiful covers, color illustrations, and decorative fonts don’t have any real competition in the digital world. 


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