“Don’t be afraid to tell people about your idea.” CINE-BOOKS Publishing Director is featured in the

StartUs, the leading Startup & Innovation Network, published the interview with CINE-BOOKS Publishing Director Nataliya Vynogradska.

How was the idea of cine-books born? What does it take to produce a title? How do you make a start-up flourish?

The answer to all these questions can be found in the StartUs publication. 

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Interview with Evgeniy Li (cover)
  • What did you like about the genre of Photo Story? What new experience did you get?

I was interested in shooting the Photo Story according to the given screenplay, and the challenge actually was to match with the screenplay of the story, convey the mood and the idea of the plot. For me it was like filming a movie, where I act as a director and cameraman at the same time.

The interview with Oleg Hodus (cover)
  • How did you decide to become a director? What did you start with?

In the childhood I together with my brother had a puppet theatre. There were a lot of characters and each of them had their own temper and behavioral psychology. Every day we made up new events, complicated storylines with conflicts (however, we did not know the meanings of these words then). Something like a soap opera.

When I grew up, I joined the theatre workshop. I used to be an actor, played in plays. Then I entered the university, the faculty of directing and kept on playing in plays.

Interview with Alexander Suhoveev (cover)

Interview with the winner Photo Stories Contest 2019 Q1 in the nomination “Users' Choise” Alexander Suhoveev.

Interview with Stephane Fedorowsky (cover)

Interview with the winner Photo Stories Contest 2019 Q1 in the nomination “Best Plot” Stephane Fedorowsky.

Interview with Alexandra Balda (cover)

Exclusive interview with a director Alexandra Balda about her multi-award winner short films "DOOR TO PURGATORY" and "OBSCURED REFLECTION", that are now published on the Platform.

I am an actress-turned- director. I debuted as screenwriter, director and producer with “Door to Purgatory”. I always liked the idea of eventually getting to be a filmmaker of some sort. Debuting as a director and producer gave me an enormous amount of creative freedom in casting and developing the story.

Interview with Alexandra Balda

Interview with Raul Geydarov (cover)

Interview with Raul Geydarov, the author of the Story Winner in the nomination "Users' Choice".

First of all, how did you decide to become a filmmaker? What did you start with? What are you up to now? 

I became a director by chance. Once I together with my friends were celebrating a holiday and decided to make a film. Just for fun. It was very funny. We did not manage to shoot a film but my friends advice me to go study to become a director. I thought it is a good idea. And now I am studying on the second course in RSUC.


Interview with Swatilekha Roy  (cover)

A young but incredibly talented writer Swatilekha Roy, the author of the Story Winner "Elizabeth" shared the most interesting facts about her work, inspiration, and impression from the screened version of the story. 


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